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    This thread will be submitted to Palm for review.

    1) Make center button light up for notification when screen is off. Maybe even allow all three LED's be user-configurable for different notifications.

    2) Add Memo syncing. My blackberry did this, syncing MemoPad to "Notes" in Outlook.

    3) Tweaks for battery life. I took me Pre off charger at 10:00Am, and 2.5 hours later it was at 66% !! All i did was some web browsing and email. At least they were smart enough to make the back cover removable (larger batteries, replacements, etc).

    I'm not going to gripe about no apps in the app store, because when the iPhone first came out there wasn't much either. I think developers will realize they have a chance to be a big fish in a little pond on Pre, rather than trying to stand out from a zillion mediocre apps on iPhone.
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    i'll take a notification light on the little ball thing at the bottom
    And a way to link contacts to my tasks, and calender events.
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    three things i need the pre to have before i jump from the bold

    1) push out an OTA for a video camera.

    2) notification light would be nice.

    3) after reading lots of complaints on the battery. definitely need that resolved
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    1) DVD quality video recording. (The Pre's chipset supports this)

    2) Make the center button a notification light like already posted.

    3) Tethering over WiFi would be great.
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    The touch screen is no where near as accurate as it should be. Double tapping to zoom in to a particular section while browsing can become a chore quickly.

    More synergy. I want google tasks to show up in tasks. I want messages from facebook as an option to be included in the threaded messaging style. I want to be able to use contact info not synced over an exchange server in sprint nav.

    I would like more room above the top row of keys. The keyboard itself is fine, but not having as much room above the keys as you have below is sort of annoying, since, especially toward the middle of the row, you need to angle your thumbs differently than you would typing on the bottom.
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    Let me sync a calendar event to more than one calendar. So that both my work and my family know when I'm traveling.
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    1. I wish I owned a pre.
    2. I wish I was using my pre right now.
    3. I wish I was on the way to pick up my pre.

    sadly, I'm stuck with WinMo...dreaming of someday....
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    1. Notification lights
    2. Sync (new or improved as applicable) of Outlook (non-Exchange) tasks, notes, contacts (with all address fields, birthday, and CATEGORIES!)
    3. Ditto #2 - it's important enough to list twice
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    1. Custom ring tones for texts and email.
    2. Battery life improvement.
    3. Visual voice mail.
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    1. Notification Light
    2. Video Recording
    3. Visual Voicemail
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    I would like

    1. the center button to be a notification light
    2. the center button to wake up the screen
    3. the ability to customize the notification sounds
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    1) Configurable notification light

    2) Configurable times of day to check email (and when not to)

    3) Fix all of the calendar bugs...especially with regards to paging day-by-day and not seeing events that are visible in the week view...and fixing the various google synch bugs

    I have about 100 others, but those three would go along way toward making me stop looking longingly at my Treo 700p so frequently...which is still in its dock on my desk

    *hint* *hint*
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    1. Wish my signal didnt suck
    2. Wish my signal didnt suck
    3. Wish my signal didnt suck
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    1. MS Media player Syncing
    2. Battery life enhancements
    3. Notification light
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    1. Longer Battery Life
    2. True Silent switch. IMO the silent switch should silent EVERYTHING. Any ringers that should go off should turn into vibrations like the centro.
    3. Last Day of Week events in callendar. I have an event that happens on the last Monday of everymonth. On my centro I had this working, but for some reason they left that out of the Pre, I can only choose 4th or 5th Monday which there is not always a 5th monday and my even is not always on the 4th Monday.

    There are actually some other things I'd like more but I Know they will be fixed 3rd party with amatter of time.

    1. Repeatable tasks (task app more like the Palm OS) that sync with my outlook
    2. Password Protected Memos.
    3. Better alarm ap. Why can't we pick and choose the days of the week, IE MON, WED, FRI 2:30pm. Or Sunday 8PM, etc.... I've resigned to using my calendar for this but it's funny to have a block on the calendar at 8PM on sunday to "take out the trash"

    Anyway, that's more than my 2cents.
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    Center button as notification light

    I need my memos imported.

    I need to be able to forward contacts.
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    Wait I have a 4th that I think only Palm could do:

    4. Manual configuration of IP addresses/dns info for WiFi.
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    1) onscreen keyboard for both landscape and portrait
    2) center button as notification light.
    3) using the awesome slide out keyboard to pick up phone calls and vise versa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    Wait I have a 4th that I think only Palm could do:

    4. Manual configuration of IP addresses/dns info for WiFi.
    You can do that
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    Quote Originally Posted by odditory View Post
    Please post three wishes:

    1) Make the white LED's useful while screen is off. My blackberry blinked red when there was something new. Either make the main ball button at bottom blink or stay lit for notification, or use LEDs to left and right of that button (left LED = new mail, right LED = missed call, whatever). Put them to use!
    I was thinking that very thing on my drive in to work today. Although the audible notifications on the Pre seemed better than my BB, I'm used to having that light blinking at me.
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