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    1) voice control/voice dialing
    2) notification light. I'm tired of turning the phone on just see if I missed something
    3) more sound options. I'm tired of the same sound for ALL notifications (also the 50 ringtone limit needs to go)
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    - I would LOVE if they made Weekview for the Pre so i can see 2 weeks of appointments at once (might have to run the Plam emulator just to keep this)

    - Soft ignore key for an incoming call

    - Cut/copy/paste that works

    But then I only had my Pre for 3 hours so far =)
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    The ability to listen to .wav files that are attached to emails.

    A damn FACEBOOK app, Palm actually had the balls to feature Facebook in a TV ad for the Pre, and yet they don't have a Facebook app in their catalog -- this is inexcusable.

    Adobe FLASH support, wtf is taking so long?

    MORE APPS already! Slingplayer, Hulu, Sirius/XM, FACEBOOK, etc etc

    Come on Palm you have to get on the ball and start getting this **** done.
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    1) Voice Controls - Voice Dial, Virtual VMail
    2) Better Sync with Macs - iCal, AddressBook
    3) Fix Oreo
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    I am looking longingly at my treo right now.
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    Sort email
    search email
    favorite phone number screen
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    OH to be able to forward my texts
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    1. battery life

    2. notification light

    3. customizable notification sounds
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    1. Native Remote Access Client
    2. Video
    3. FTP client

    And to Wolfram89, hold on for a bit, I have been in touch with Midomi and they are most likely going to be the first to release Midomi for Pre, which is just like Shazam...
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    1st and foremost: the ability to mark individual contacts, memo's, task, and even calendar events as "Private". Once they were marked as Private, you could hide or mask them, requiring a password to be entered in order to even see the record. This came in very handy with private contacts, memo's and calendar events that I didn't want anyone else to see.

    2nd: A long-life lithium battery would be FANTASTIC. Simply put, the standard battery SUCKS (Add that to the list of Bad Palm Idea)

    3rd: Flash Player, since most internet sites that have streaming video, use Flash. Another one for the "Bad Idea Palm".
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    1. Notification when the screen is not on
    2. Video Camera
    3. Flash Player
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    1. 16gb of memory (8GB not nearly enough)
    2. notification light
    3. Tighter slider
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    I would like

    1. VIDEO!
    2. the center button to wake up the screen
    3. the ability to customize the notification sounds
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    1) Windows Live Messenger
    2) Battery Life
    3) Hardware improvements
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    1). Notification Light

    2). adobe FLASH

    3). Better build quality.
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    1. Support for Yahoo! Messenger, email and contacts in Synergy
    2. Undo
    3. An API (and better documentation) for extending / adding protocols to video posting, Synergy (messenger, email, contacts, etc.)
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    1. windows live messenger

    2. Skype

    3 video recording
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    1. MS Live services support (calendar, contacts, messaging)
    2. Speed
    3. Speed
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    1. Group texting
    2. Flash player
    3. Battery life
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    Battery life, of course.
    Eliminate the button (a la Pixie)
    "map location" in calendar to Sprint Nav, rather than Google Maps.

    Other than that, nothing major springs to mind.
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