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    I wish for...

    1. Video Record
    2. More customizable tones
    3. More applications
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    1. Some sort of guide that will run along the side of the screen to let you know how far you are from the top or bottom of a page.
    2. Paragraphs that wrap to fit the screen
    3. Page up and page down ability.
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    File Navigator (ability to move pictures/docs/mp3s/etc to user folders, create/delete folders)

    Visual Voicemail

    Video camera and video editing (Trim, title, cut, combine)
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    1. Abilitly to show all colors of calendars in month view.
    2. Video recorder.
    3. Visual Voicemail.
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    1- Arabic Language Support.
    2- Yahoo Messenger Built In.
    3- Full Garmin Application Built In (so if i dont have sprint coverage i can still navigate).
    4- 3D Gaming.
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    I love love my nokia N82
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    5MP With Flash and dvd quality video recording with 32GB of memory
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    Re: notification light:

    FYI, Palm's Mojo SDK does have a command to light up the center LED of the gesture area.
    Palm Mojo Framework - Mojo.Controller.StageController

    Unfortunately, with the current build, it doesn't seem to work...

    Quote Originally Posted by mjsmiley View Post
    File Navigator (ability to move pictures/docs/mp3s/etc to user folders, create/delete folders)
    *cough* Internalz
  9. KTM
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    1 Voice Command
    2 Video Record
    3 Play Netflix movies
    Having fun
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    1. Video Record and email
    2. Battery Life
    3. More Camera Controls
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    1. Video Recording
    2. Flash for website viewing
    3. Update to fix signal strength, and delays with making/receiving phone calls

    4. Visual voicemail would be a nice 4th!
    R.I.P Palm Centro (6.5.09)
    New Pre Owner (6.6.09)

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    1) The ability to work with Outlook (stand alone not exchange)

    2) Flash. I can't get half of the pages that I would normally go to work.

    3) Voice dial

    There are more, but I will stick with the 3 as requested.
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    1)Flash Support
    2)Better Battery Life
    3)Video recording

    And maybe less sexyness, it has too much, it makes me go blind :P
    XV6700>Moto Q>U740>Omnia i910>Palm Pre
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    1. iPhone style copy & paste from anywhere
    2. Ability to filter Google contacts
    3. GPU integration with OS for smooth transitions and scrolling.
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    1) Longer battery life

    2) A video camera would be awesome with upload to YouTube capabilities

    3) A "Shazam"-esque application that would allow a user to record a piece of a song and then identify the song title for the user.
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    Faster, faster, get rid of the useless white button
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    1.Make the center button to be a notification light.


    3.Sync with Myspace (like Facebook does)

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    1.Flash Player 10

    2.Visual voicemail

    3.More Apps
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    1) Video Camera
    2) Video Camera
    3) Video Camera

    Kills me I have to keep a 8 yr old razr in my glove box for when I need to shoot a vid in a hurry
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    1) Forward SMS & MMS messages
    2) Undo ability, making accidental deleted text reappear (gesture + Z)
    3) Like the calender lateness notification, the ability to add our contacts to events and text them if we're going to be late.
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