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    hmmm here's my 3

    1) Video video video recording!!

    2) Memo Recording!! (one thing I miss with my HTC) .. Sound recordable notes/memos

    3) attach mp3's etc to SMS Messages/yahoo/aol etc

    4) Save photos from web.... save sound files from SMS .... etc etc etc... lol
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    1: over the air downloads.
    2:video cam
    3: adobe flash
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    1. ability to set a separate ringtone for unknown numbers. This would be nice so you know its someone not in your contacts. Every other phone has this, why not pre.

    2. notification light.

    3. fix the bug that lets you click a phone number off a web page. Some numbers do, most do not. Would love to be able to look a business up and just click the number to dial.
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    Just work on optimizing the OS, speed things up some, and I'll be happy.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    1. Facebook
    2. Video Cam
    3. Max Optimization.
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    spell check
    more apps
    a more user friendly phone
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    1) Video app and Web cam application
    2) longer battery life
    3) Resco Application suite and filez
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    1. Calendar particular, I need the use of (and sync with) categories. Color-coding by the source just isn't helpful; who uses four or five different calendars, anyway? And some kind of DateBk-style Today view.

    2. Voice dial. I didn't even know they still made phones that lacked this feature.

    3. Task and memo syncing.

    I also just wish that Synergy recognized identical listings to a better degree. For example, importing my old phone's contacts, I had them listing Last Name, First Name, so the Pre created a bunch of new entries.
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    separate ringtones
    notification light
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    1) would LOOOOVE to be able to hear the text notification, but not have half the dang text message show up for all to see at the bottom of my screen. (With a simple quick tap anyone can view part of the text or access all of my convos. NOT cool!). 2) silent ring tone to use on those pesky contacts ya just don't want to hear from some days. For instance...I may want to hear my phone ring if my mom calls, but not if work calls!
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    Different alert sounds for text and battery. I can't tell unless I look at my phone whether I'm receiving a text or need to charge my battery. Also, make the system sounds and text notification sounds separate so I can have a different volume for each.
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    1. Visual Voice Mail-------I really miss this.
    2. Notification light.
    3. Text message forwarding.
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    1) I need a setting to allow the phone to answer on a selectable number of rings so that when I am paired via BlueTooth to my "headset", in my case Siemens hearing aids Tek Connect accessory, I don't have to drag it out of my pocket and press the "answer" button.

    2) Memo's or some method of storing data on the phone that is secure. I came from HTC's "Mogul" PPC6800 and I am really missing eWallet I used to run on that phone, as well as RoboForm. Please don't suggest SplashID. I joined the party too late to be among the few that application is working for on the Pre.

    3) Landscape email - yes, I know about the "secret word" - just make it work as a "normal" feature on the phone.
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    1. Better battery life
    2. Faster/more responsive phone/dialer app
    3. Overall speed increase
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    1 - Outlook syncing
    2 - ability to save content from the internet
    3 - ability to save message logs
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    1. fix the niggling issues with the media player, no search, jazz and Jazz being two different genres, go from genre to artist to album to song Not genre to song.
    2. actual media management software
    3. fricken open the app store.
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    1.) Correct the partition size to put more apps on & no limit on amount of apps installed

    2.) Correct the partition size to put more apps on & no limit on amount of apps installed

    Did I mention?

    3.) Correct the partition size to put more apps on & no limit on amount of apps installed
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    1) Improved battery life
    2) Voice dialing (speed dials don't cut it when driving/walking + just plain more efficient for frequent dials). Would have been better with dedicated hardware voice dial button like many "non-smart" phones have.
    3) Additional step necessary when phone password locked for emergency calls to be dialed
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    1.) Longer Battery Life, although I can sacrifice battery life for the baddest phone ever made!

    2.) Video Record

    3.)Bigger stick of Memory, I.E. 16 Gig or better drive

    Overall, this phone is the greatest phone ever made.PERIOD. There is nothing an Iphone homo can say about the Pre. More apps, ok, look how many Homebrew apps alone have made it to the Pre, in only a couple of months! Also, my internet is faster than theirs ever will be. I wonder if they drop webpages like they drop calls? My speaker phone is PERFECT in Volume. I have read where skeptics say it should be louder, but if you think about it, the sound is excellent, noise is not harsh, and the speaker mic will pick up my voice no matter where I am in my room.

    MY NUMBER ONE WISH FOR THE PRE! THAT IPHONE USERS WOULD WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES! (Not that the Iphone is a bad phone, it is obviously the second best choice. You can go wrong with an Iphone, but you can go oh so right with a Pre!)
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