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    Slype, skype, skype
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    1. Visual Voicemail
    2. Video Camera
    3. Customizable tones for every feature
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    My top 3 wishes for my Pre are:

    1. A long life.
    2. No Scratches.
    3. Good reception.

    Pre in peace my friends.
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    customizable wave launcher, disable pandora notifications, better javascripts
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    Have an option to have the phone hang up by sliding the phone closed. Have I missed something here - I'm told the phone doesn't do this - seems obvious and doesn't every other slider work this way?
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    1. (Official) Customizeable Ringtones for Notifications/SMS/etc.
    2. Ability to save images/videos/files/etc from websites.
    3. Offer even lower display brightness settings (current lowest setting is still very bright); this should improve battery life further.
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    1. Emoticons, character count and forwarding for text messages
    2. Sync to flickr option for photos
    3. Copy/Paste on all text
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simonlesorcier View Post
    Slype, skype, skype
    What he said!
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    1. Ability to 'link' to a new contact. I had a person who I needed to add to my address book (in exchange which holds my personal stuff) and since I emailed them via Gmail they were automatically placed in my Gmail address book, so when I clicked on the email I could link it but only to an existing contact. The workaround is to sit there for 15 minutes complaining and then create a new contact (cards really helped here) and then link.

    2. Email sizing - I would like to see smaller fonts (adjustable) or just 1 line name/subjects so I can see more messages on the screen at once.

    3. Copy/paste from emails/web/documents. I believe if this feature existed it would make the phone KILLER for productivity because you can be in a web card, copy someones address, move to the contact card and place it real fast, and your spot on that card is never lost (unlike WinMo which is the only other OS that comes close to this ability). Today I found myself copying information from 2 cards into a contact card, and while it was impressive and fairly quick, I was still copying information from one source to another by focusing a card and memorizing names/numbers/addresses.
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    Top wishes:
    1. Goes quickly to Verizon.
    2. Goes quickly with GSM version to AT&T.
    3. Quickly updates to 32 gig version at least as an option. 8 just isn't big enough. 16 would be "OK" but still not large enough for some- I'd pay several hundred more for a 32 gig version.
    4. Gets native touchscreen typing.
    5. Gets a much better keyboard.
    6. Gets visual voicemail natively.
    7. Glass screen.
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    1. Ability to assign ringtones for texts and other events.
    2. Video Recording
    3. Visual Voicemail!!
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    It's a small gripe, but I do not like how when I plug my charger in, the phone turns on and unlocks. If I wanted it to be unlocked, I would press the button!
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    - Better Battery life

    - Memo's and Tasks cloud-sync to things like toodle, and Google tasks

    - Support for more languages (Hebrew especially)
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    1. Signal Strength
    2. Enable Flash
    3. Fix your QC.... please?
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    1. IMAP e-mail accounts to actually delete, not strikethrough
    2. Pictures load faster!
    3. Butler
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    1) Improve battery life - there already is some progress with this using stuff like CPUscaling
    2) Snappier OS. Seriously, it's great and all, but the lag time when opening new apps is kinda annoying, considering the competition. Sort of depends on whether you use the cards all the time or not though.
    3) Support tethering (without having to root). -- since this is technically already available via known workarounds, I'll add one more to the list.
    4) Enable video recording. Not that I use it that much, but seriously... it shouldn't be that hard to do. If the crappy Instinct can do it out of the gate, well.. you know...
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    1) more apps
    2) more more apps
    3) more more more apps
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    1. Visual Voicemail

    2. On-screen landscape keyboard

    3. That it would magically transport a nekkid Halle Berry into my bed whenever I texted a certain number (*standard text messaging rates apply)....actually, let's make this #1
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    The Photo app opens more quickly on Pre with webOS 1.1 -- check Palm's support pages for the release notes.
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    1. Mass SMS texting option
    2. Outlook Sync for Calendar, Memos, CONTACTS
    3. Copy+Paste EVERYWHERE

    What I MOST need is a better To do APP, (i.e. Toodledo).
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