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    Customizable alert sounds with individual sound controls. I hate that I have to have my "System Sounds" volume at full level so I can hear my alarm in the morning, only to have to turn that same volume level down to avoid the ridiculously loud keypad noises when dialing a number. I like my IM notifications at a lower volume than my alarm too, and I also should be able to change those sounds to my own .mp3 selections.
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    I'd like to see the center button be able to answer an incoming call. This would make answering a call a simple one handed operation.

    An onscreen speed dial app. Maybe 12 icons that you could define. Again, one handed operation.

    Visual voicemail. Like google voice.
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    1. Synergy support for Hotmail and Yahoo (calendar, IM)

    2. A functional Tasks application
    a) support for recurring tasks
    b) sync with online calendars that support tasks (Yahoo)

    3. Improved bluetooth HFP support. The sound quality is terrible in Infiniti cars.
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    Help get the following apps:
    1. Epocates
    2. Docs to go full version.
    3 Fix battery life issues.

    With the above, I will be a happy girl.
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    1. Korean IME
    2. Korean e-mail encoding bug fix
    3. SDK!
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    1. many videos do not launch; for example Reuters news videos - any

    2. text on web page articles do not wrap around to fit the screen for some websites; need to scroll side to side while reading or make the text too small to read; should have font re-sizing

    3. word completion or suggested words missing also in messaging for example
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    1. enable the mobile Flash client ... hulu me baby....
    2. center button pulse for notification
    3. let me modify everything in my palm profile info from the web

    PS.. For every new feature you "add", please make an option turn said feature on/off
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    Notification Light
    "save as" feature in the browser
    video recording

    using my acer aspire tethered to my palm pre
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    battery life
    signal strength
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    Quote Originally Posted by amrcc View Post
    PS.. For every new feature you "add", please make an option turn said feature on/off
    ABSOLUTELY. I can think of so many great features but also realize some may not like them. We need way more options/toggles. i.e.

    - Answer and hang up calls with slider: Yes/No
    - Answer calls with center button: Yes/No
    - Hang up calls with center button: Yes/No
    - Notification using center ball LED: Pulse/On/Off
    - Double-click center ball: [Dropdown list of Apps, i.e. Camera]

    That only scratches the surface. The centerball has the potential to be WAY more useful- right now it is not.
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    1) more customizable ringtones (sms come on)
    2) notification light
    3) add sms shortcuts to launcher
    4) customize center button
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    1. Search capability for email. I use this all the time with desktop gmail. Finding messages by search is powerful and necessary, even if you just forward the search terms to a gmail browser instance and get the search started. Sure I could just use gmail on the web browser - but I want to use the integrated mail app. As a correlary to this, in universal search, in addition to Google, Wikipedia, etc it should have an expandable "All Mail" button that is choosable, but if expanded gives one search capability in individual email accounts. Also, how about a facebook search option under universal search?

    2. In contacts, I'd like to see expandable groups for messages from that person. For example, at the listing of their email address, have an expansion button that, when hit, shows the latest emails that include that person. Under their cell number, have an expandable list that shows all recent sms and chat conversations (I know you can just launch messager to find this). That data is all on the phone, lets harness it.

    3. A button or gesture to serve as the [tab] button when filling in forms. How about a "center-button-to-the-right" swipe?
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    #1. Improve signal reception. I can make and receive calls at home with my Treo 700p. I cannot make or receive calls at home with my Pre.

    #2. Configurable notification alerts using one or more of the gesture LEDs (especially the center button now that it is redundant) and/or audio/vibrate.

    #3. Full working EAS syncing (all features), full working Gmail syncing (all features including "Reply As" which allows a selectable "From" address), and Synergy that supports the superset of associated services (EAS, Gmail, Yahoo!, HotMail, AOL, Gtalk, Yahoo! IM, AIM, etc.) so everything is not dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.
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    Since I am still waiting for August for upgrade discounts and have been trolling these forums daily.

    1. Notification light from the gesture lights
    2. Options for every single notification type (ala BB). I hate how limited it is on my Instinct.
    3. Add all IM services, when I do IM it is usually through Windows Live.
    ˙soə ɹoɟ ƃuıʇıɐʍ ɹəllıʞ "ʇɔuıʇsuı" uɐ ʇuɐʍ ʇsnɾ ı ˙ɹəllıʞ "əuoɥdı" uɐ əq oʇ "ēɹd" ɹoɟ ƃuıʞool ʇou
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    I am surprised that no one said add removable memory like micro SDHC.
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    1. Improved browser. Would love some Flash capability and to copy/paste in-page text.

    2. More IM services (especially MSN and Skype). Granted, third-party apps will eventually come out for these but I'd much rather it be integrated into the normal functionality of the phone as opposed to needing an app/card open. If I want it on all the time, the card will always have to be open and that's less memory available for other stuff.

    3. Customizable notification sounds. Not only do I want different sounds for different things (ie SMS, email, etc), but the current default is... meh.
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    I wish the Pre:

    1. Held a candle to the iPhone.
    2. Was priced lower than the iPhone, considering its inferiority.
    3. Was NOT on the worst national US carrier.
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    1: Download files from web, email and calendar attachments.
    2: Battery charging via cable. (it sometimes doesn't charge if the screen is off when you plug it in)
    3: Phone number link dialing from calendar.
    4: Can't wait for more apps.
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    More user friendly phone interface.

    Speed dial by touching a contacts Photo on the Today screen, like on my 700wx. Never realized how freaking convenient that feature was, until you dont have it anymore.

    Now with the phone in the car mount, its virtually impossible to quickly call a contact. Have to had previously set a speed dial, then 1) push the top 'on' button, 2) drag the lock to the top of the phone, 3) launch the phone app, remember who has been assigned to what button, assuming your trying to call one of these 9 people, and 4) press and hold. God forbid you drive a stick.

    Otherwise you need to open the keyboard. Treo's ease of making a phone call is greatly missed, especially in the car!
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    1. Timed delay for password security - be able to turn off phone without having to enter the password again. winmo gives you option - immediately, 5 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr

    2. ability to show notifications when off without showing the message content - similar to how it works when the phone is on; the notification light as mentioned above is a great feature that i really like on my current phone

    3. search in email and calendar. should this be kept out of universal search? i read a good comment from another member -

    "Why would I want to search emails and calendars from outside the email and calendars applications?! Universal search is meant to search actual data usage items on device, things that actually have place holders like contacts, applications, and then on the internet: on Gmaps, Google, Wiki, Twitter, and more to come..."

    a true universal search does seem a bit much. wouldn't the results be overwhelming if you had a lot of email and calendar entries? anyone with an iphone have any complaints about this? i would think it would be better if search was available within email and calendar but left out of the main search when you want to find something fast on the phone. given that i haven't used either - what do people think?

    if palm is looking at expanding their search capability, hopefully they take this into consideration.

    i'm still trying to decide between the iphone and the i'm trying to compare both to what i know which is windows mobile. it is amazing how spoiled with features i have gotten with windows mobile. sure the ui is terrible, but every feature you can imagine is available. i watch all the marketing and talk about multi-tasking, video, copy paste, etc, etc...winmo has them all.
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