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    I just hope I can get a free airave from sprint, my phone gets KILLED battery wise while at my house, but at the same time I GUESS I could just bite the bullet and keep it chained to a wall all the time.

    Its up to sprint on this one, time to start complaining to get free stuff! (hopefully)
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    After more than a week of the phone being continuously hot and the battery draining completely in less than three hours, suddenly everything is fine. I have used the phone moderately for eight hours today and still have 90% battery. I am using the phone in the same location and receiving the same signal strength as when the problem was occuring. I updated the phone on the first day and have not had any updates since.

    Could the original problem have been caused by the back-up feature? I had loaded more than a GIG of music on the day that I purchased the phone. Were the Palm servers so busy that it took a week to back-up the data?
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