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    I am not able to get my task notifications to work correctly. They only notify me when they are past due but they are supposed to notify me on the day they are due, as well. I notice on the front page of the tasks where all the different lists are listed, it is supposed to have the number of tasks due today or past due over on the right. This is all according to the manual and tutorials I have read and watched. However, they are not showing up on the front page unless they are past due already and none that are due today are showing on that front page. I have looked all over online and all over the phone but have not had any luck in finding solutions. I guess I could schedule all tasks 1 day earlier than they are due to circumvent this issue but that would seem ridiculous. Please advise. Thank you for your input.
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    Do a soft reset. I called Palm as I was having the exact same problem. After an hour and a half on the phone, they had me do a soft reset. Voila! Now I have an icon on my notification bar and the number of tasks listed off to the side as mentioned in the guide.

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