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    Yeah so my volume button on the side is messed up. The up button works fine but when I turn the volume down it just does not work correctly. It will go down then I will keep pressing it and it will go back up.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    As of just now... yes.

    My volume up button suddenly does not work, volume down works fine.

    But I have also seen the volume go up by itself right after I turn it down.

    Luckily can control the ringer volume in the preferences, but I don't have any way to turn my music volume back up if I accidentally turn it down (unless i'm missing something).

    Looks like I'll hold out for a couple more weeks and get it swapped out.

    EDIT: yep, just did the interactive test for hardware buttons and am getting no response for volume up. tried rebooting a few times. this blows.
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    I gave up and attacked it, got it working again:

    Re: Volume button issues? - webOS Hardware - Palm Support Forums

    The prospect of waiting (weeks?) for a replacement just didn't sound appealing.
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    My first Pre had the very same problem. Up button wouldnt work. Had to get on the waiting list for a replacement.

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