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    He said that Pandora paused during the call. So...this wasn't multitasking Pandora. The iPhone will pause Pandora to take an incoming call as well.

    What's really going on here is that he had Pandora running in the background while using GPS, which is admittedly a good thing and something that the iPhone may not be able to do. I say "may" because the GPS app isn't out yet, some of the built-in Apple apps *do* multitask, and Apple may have given TomTom special access (since they're a big company that may have worked closely with Apple on it) to allow *it* to run in the background.

    I don't suspect that Apple would give any special treatment to Pandora, though, because Pandora is in some respects competition for Apple's iTunes store. Honestly, I'm somewhat surprised that Apple has approved some of the 3rd party music-related apps, since they strike me as the type of company that wouldn't hesitate to disallow apps that compete with any of their lines of business.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    FWIW, just found this blog entry about someone being able to use Pandora in the background on an iPhone, thanks to the wonders of jailbreaking.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by titansluvpre View Post
    Well considering I DO have a little inside scoop with that, I can say that yes Sprint is working on simultaneous voice and data at 4g speeds. Trust me, its the one reason I have stayed w/ Sprint.....if my company is the one that helps Sprint get this thing rolling then Im sure I could start getting a nice discount on my bill.

    But needless to say its just insider scoop right now....nothing mapped out/no portfolio of projects for it being rolled out.
    Stupid question, but will the pre be able to do 4g when sprint gets it? or will there be a software update needed, or hardware upgrade?
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    Its a hardware thing.

    We are a bit away before phones are 4G.
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    Quote Originally Posted by natrixgli View Post
    You are incorrect. The Pre does not support simultaneous voice and data. The iPhone 3G does.

    Actually I belive nobody really knows if the Pre supports this or not. It's Sprint's network that doesn't support this.
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    titan 4g has already been launched fyi
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuntingace View Post
    titan 4g has already been launched fyi
    Country wide on Sprint? No..... I know baltimore area has 4g, not sure what areas have/or are next on Sprints list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeusInnomen View Post
    CDMA versus GSM. CDMA doesn't (currently) allow simultaneous voice and data access, GSM does. It's one of the downsides of CDMA, but I've also heard the current generation of CDMA technology can now offer voice and data together, it just hasn't been deployed by Sprint yet for whatever reason. (I'd guess it'd probably mess with older phones still in use, but I'm not a CDMA technician.)
    The 4G 802.16e should support voice and data simultaneously. 16e is a very impressive waveform, allowing multiple modulations at the same time, increasing bandwidth for users with better signals. Sprint is currently (and have been for almost a year now, I believe) deploying their 4G network, so I would think sometime in 2010 most of their network will have 4G access.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celsian View Post
    You can? I can't browse the web and be on a call at the same time...
    However on my iPhone I could.
    You can do this if you are on WiFi
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