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    Mine has some play as well. I probably open and close mine about 100 times a day. I am a little worried something may malfunction, but thank god for the warranty plan.
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    I have a lot of play on my left side but while it is annoying, I am not returning it.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    i had the same issue with my pre having the loose screen. took it in and after i explained the the sprint store guy what the issue was he said it would fall apart and that they would not replace it. after a few minutes of me showing him the difference between my pre and the two they had on display he called over the palm rep and the rep knew exactly what i was talking about it. the rep told the sprint store guy to replace it. so my new pre will be here in 3 days!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzwave View Post
    I was one of those too, and exchanged my Oreo last night (within 30 days.. on about day 26) for a perfect Pre!
    I went in (having rehearsed practically the whole thing in the car on the way there), explained that it was wobbly, twisty, felt cheap, had a gap that squeaked when I pushed the phone to my ear........ and for a backup reason in case that wasn't enough for them, I told them about how the battery lost 6-7%/hr with nothing turned on (airplane mode, no wi-fi, no email, etc.).

    Well, they didn't bat an eye.. the guy called his manager, got me a new boxed Pre, and it was perfect. No wobble, no gap, and very smooth slide! Hopefully it stays that way. I am glad I exchanged, cuz I spent way too much energy in that first 25 days, going back and forth between convincing myself that the wobble was ok, and thinking that I really needed to exchange it.

    I was under the impression that my 30 day counter would reset, but the guy told me otherwise.. I only have 4 days to make sure this one's the right one. Does that sound right?
    Good for you. I hope more people exchange their poorly produced and built phones for better quality. Palm really has a lot of people here hypnotised into believing crappy quality is acceptable.

    Everyone I know with a Pre exchanged theirs... and the build quality on the new devices is way superior compared to the phones we all purchased in early-mid June.


    Hint: if Sprint tries to charge you $100 to replace your device, tell them you'll take that $100 along with your rebate's $100 and cancel your contract! Be firm and don't take any of their crap. No one should have to pay for a replacement after five, 20 or 45 days.
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    Here is a little tid-bit from the Sprint site so those that this didn't apply too got really lucky:

    Exchange policy
    You get one exchange per 30-day period. Please note that an exchange does not extend the 30-day period.
    If your device has been activated, there is a $35 restocking fee for all exchanges due at the time of the exchange (Per Hawaii state law, this does not apply Hawaii residents).
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