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    I have never comprehended judging a carrier on their customer service. I have been with several carriers and maybe talk to their CS twice a year at most. I just don't see why my experience twice a year should be considered in how I rank a carrier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobynG View Post

    I originally called the main CS # to get a 15% credit reapplied to my bill that fell off when I changed plans. I asked why my Pre signal was nearly non-existent in my house when I was consistently able to use Treo, and mentioned that I heard Airave could be a solution. She read directly from her computer the criteria for free Airave: must be in qualifying geo area; have wireless cable/DSL; and be a high-value customer (she probably wasn't supposed to read this aloud).

    She attempted to order Airave but could not from her computer and after a lengthy hold time, disconnect, another call, speaking to another rep and a supervisor, I was transferred to Account Services who arranged everything in under 5 minutes.

    I also mentioned to the first rep that I was planning to cancel my landline because Treo signal was so strong (true) and now I couldn't do that, and that my iPhone friends got great service in my house too (true).

    Airave is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Good luck on your attempt.

    thanks Robyn - sounds like the perfect solution - i can't use my Pre in the house at all. I'll have the battery checked as the tech recommended then i'll see about the airave. thanks again for the info.
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    just the opposite - have had sprint cs lie to me on multiple occasions. tell me they would do one one thing and then flat out refuse to do something once it came time to follow through. they once put me on a "seasonal plan" when I was already paying for an everything 3000 plan and then made claims oh it just shows up that way when switching your plans around. for 2 days I was on that seasonal plan.

    that equals no minutes - $.75 a minute - took nearly a two hour call to get that fixed (120x.75=$90) and then I had to fight with them to credit me the $90

    My company uses Verizon and as much as I hate them I just had to deal with their customer service and that took me all of 15 minutes to change 3 phone numbers and add 2 devices
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