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    I'm on the waiting list and am expecting a call tomorrow. What should I look out for hardware wise? Dead pixels, screen yellowing, sloppy keyboard? How do I check it in the store for dead pixels? Any advice? Porting the number from ATT and my BB Bold. I love the Bold, but not the $90 a month I pay to use it for the exact same service as I could get with Sprint and a Pre.

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    Any quick advice atleast?
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    Good Luck, I have been on a waiting list as well. I was told it could be tomorow as well. Sucks that in my case tomorow was monday and I have been told tomorow everyday since. I didn't even call today.

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    While they set you up, go here and look for dead / stuck pixels: iPhone Dead Pixel Test (Google iPhone Pixel Test, it's the first result). Otherwise. I haven't seen any distortion on my screen, so I can't help there. Open and close the slider a few times to make sure it's to your satisfaction.

    Oh, make sure there are no dings or scratches too. Besides dead stuck pixels, these are the things you need to make sure of before you walk out the door. Otherwise you still have the 30-day trial period.
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    Bold is great but a big bulky for my taste - i've used pretty much every blackberry model in the last 5 years, the iPhone, the Pre, and some WinMo devices. The Pre is what I'm sticking with so you won't be disappointed.

    Besides that you are going to LOVE not getting dropped calls -- AT&T has absolutely the worst signal and that's based on years of having to deal with AT&T phones at our company - we use all four carriers. Everyone with an iphone here COMPLAINS about dropped calls.

    You're also going to love the lightning fast navi/traffic updates, etc on the Pre, among zillions of other things. Web browsing will also be a superior experience from that on the Bold, and while I swore to blackberry for the last 5 years, it came to a point where you can't live without info from the web anymore. Even though they made the resolution on the Javelin and Bold better, its still too tiny for decent web browsing.

    Of course you should look for dead pixels, but that's all I can think of.
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    I suggest you do NOT port your number until you know you want to keep it. People switching carriers always have issues going back and forth.

    Makes better sense to keep them both for a week or so and then switch the number when you know you're keeping it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by searchable View Post
    I suggest you do NOT port your number until you know you want to keep it. People switching carriers always have issues going back and forth.
    This is what I did.
    Although I can't imagine going back to AT&T and my previous phone, I still haven't ported my number.
    Want to give it the full trial period to make sure I'm good to go.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Good luck and I hope you love your Pre just as much as I do. Although you see a lot of complaints on here I think that's because there's much more to say when you are *****ing and moaning than when you are happy. I haven't had a single problem with my Pre (save for one dead pixel, but it's under the EVDO icon so I never see it).
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    I think I am getting one soon too. Should I clean up my contacts in my current dumb phone? Like if my current phone just has the first name and I want it to merge with her facebook account?
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    I'm somewhere 60ish on my store's list and they said they have only been getting 8-10 a day...
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    Make sure it's a "Yellow Box" Pre.
    ........ Please read the Palm Pre Manual and the Palm Pre Solutions Guide.

    Check out the official Palm blog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCal65 View Post
    Make sure it's a "Yellow Box" Pre.
    I would think (hope) that by the time I get a call in 1-2 weeks that all those black box Pres will be sold. If I do get one I will have to call the sales rep out on trying to sell me a returned phone.

    These boxes are somehow sealed right?

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