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    OK, don't freak out people. I know about the SSL issues but I'm curious about the password/device lock issue. Like others who are getting the "mail server requires security policies that are not supported" message while trying to use your OWA info, has ANYONE been able to figure out any type of work-around?

    I understand Palm is working on it but I'd REALLY like to be able to get my work info on my Pre without having to use true OWA in the browser. Not a deal breaker by any means as I'm willing to be patient, but I am curious what or if anyone else has figured anything else out.

    I thought I saw where someone was able to go throu getting their mail by using the IMAP setting...hasn't worked for me but if someone else has used this I would LOVE to know how.


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    You should ask your administrator for exchange server certificates as well as the cert. from the Certificate Authority. Im the Systems Engineer for my company, all i did was plug those two certs into my Pre, along with a personal cert. because we use our Domain Controller as the Certificate Authority, and everything sync'd up nice and easy
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    As I have posted in other places, on our Exchange server 2007 we found a box to check to allow non-provisionable devices. After checking that box the Pre sync'd and seems to be doing just fine. Just no Outlook Notes
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    ........ Please read the Palm Pre Manual and the Palm Pre Solutions Guide.

    Check out the official Palm blog.

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