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    They were on the phone at lunch calling customers telling them their Pre was in stock..

    Carmel, IN
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    I was in a store in the DFW area getting my touchstone. I noticed one of the reps was setting up a new Pre. I asked if they got in a shipment, and the girl had kind of a sad smile - "We got in 5. We have a waiting list of over 30".

    Sounds like a good news/bad news thing.
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    Every sprint store I've been to has mentioned that they are only getting 5 in a day. The one at the mall like 5 min up the road from me said they have a waiting list of 78 people. I'm glad I'm waiting for my contract with VZW to be over in two months when I get mine. Most of the stores were telling me that they'd have full stock on them by then too so woohoo! lol. I can't friggin wait.
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    Here in northern NJ a Retail store was filling orders with newly arrived stock. All spoken for, but they're trickling in.
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    Same here. Talked to a couple stores. They trickle in to the tune of 3-10 a day. All sold to people on waiting list.
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    the manager of the sprint store, who sold me my pre, called me to tell me she had a pre waiting for me.. I told her (after my call got droped), "I am talking to you on my pre now...that you sold" she then asked me how things were going and I said beyond 70% of my calls getting dropped I was doing fine.
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    I went to get my touchstone and the waiting list was 85 in Irvine.
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    I am on the waiting list...#21 as of Saturday, 6/6.

    Checked in with the Sprint corp. store earlier today. Rep said they had received only 4 since last week, so it will be several days before my Pre is available. This is a store in a (assumingly) very high-volume store in the suburbs north of Chicago.
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