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    Id like there to be a way to call one of your contacts without opening the keyboard. I know you can set the speed dial, but there is no visual reference, so remembering whos where is going to be a challenge.

    It would be nice to use the on screen dialpad to to a name lookup with the 2-9 keys. Any other ideas or suggestions?
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    Look up the contact in the contact app and dial the number from from there...
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    add the contact to the launcher, click in the name, it brings up all the number, tap the one you want to call.
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    Go to the phones call history...
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    I'm sure there will be a TAKEphONE by SHSH version for the Pre & a DialByPhoto from GX5 relatively soon. (Hopefully!)
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    Open the dialer, click the contacts button in the upper right, flick till you find the right number and go.

    Other than that and the few other items already mentioned, I think thats it. And yeah, its not all that great. I wish there was a favorites, or a most dialed list so you don't have to go into the full contact list every time.

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