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    I remember early on it was mentioned that there was a bug with AIM that caused the Pre to constantly be active (leading to heat problems), then people said there was a Hotmail bug with the same description.

    Were people just not able to nail down the cause before, and blamed AIM when it really was Hotmail all along, or is AIM AND Hotmail both bugged in a way that keeps the phone active?
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    My battery isn't the greatest, and I use aim. Currently I cannot get through a day of use without needing a battery. Just 5pm-8am killed my battery of normal browseing, phone calls, and use. Was at 8% in the morning. (started at 100% at 5pm)

    This is with Aim On, Wifi On (when connected to a network at home), GPS off, Location Services On, Help Google Off, Data Roaming Off, Brightness Down, 3 E-mail Clients (Exchange, Gmail, Verizon), and Alarm Clock Functioning for 1 Alarm.
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    Klownicle I think your problem might be the 3 E-Mail Clients. How often do you check your mail? I had GMail set to check "every 30 minutes" which killed my battery, I could only get about 6-8 hours out of it with moderate use. Then the only thing I changed was for GMail to alert me "as it arrives," essentially activating the push feature. I receive about 15-20 e-mails a day and now I only lose about 4-5% battery life per hour, a big improvement.
    (Yes I run AIM always, Wifi Off, BT off, Auto Locate On, GPS On, Geotag On, Background Data Collection Off)

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