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    FWIW, mine (Pre #3) did not dim during the interactive test, either.
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    I noticed mine did when I was using my pre while sitting in the passenger side. The screen got brighter in the sunlight and when I moved it to the shade, it got dimmer. I thought it was pretty cool feature.
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    Maybe those not noticing an effect have it set too high? ie near maximum indoors and so when it brightens outdoors it is not noticeable
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    I just now noticed this in effect. Its a little slow, like it can take as long as 10 seconds before it adjusts. Also its not a major change, maybe a 30% difference.

    It is noticeable at low at high brightness levels. Go in a lit room at night, turn off the light and watch. Turn light back on and watch. It goes from dim to bright a little faster than vice versa.

    It doesn't matter if you are active on it or not,although you might miss it if you're typing (keyboard doesn't seem to change brightness)
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    I run my phone with the brightness turned all the way down and I have yet to see it increase brightness in any sunlight. The only time I see the screen fade is if I stop touching it for about 10 seconds.

    Anyone know if this works if brightness is turned all the way down?
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    mine doesn't seem to work either... i know how it's supposed to work because my old treo 700p did it a lot faster. i have mine set at about 40% brightness so it has enough range in either direction to brighten or darken.

    the other thing that doesn't quite seem to work properly is the really dimly lit keyboard. last night i was in my car and it was pitch dark and the keyboard would not light up no matter what i do. there's definitely something wonky going on with the software.
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    I just tested mine, and it takes my phone about 5 seconds before it dims. When it dims, it is very sudden and not a fade. It is also not the backlight timer I am noticing, as when I touch the screen after it dims it does not get brighter again.
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