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    Loving my new Pre, but miss my dear old ringtone (Polyphonic tone from Good, Bad & the Ugly Found old posts indicating just change .pdb to .aac - didn't work or use an old clie picture program to convert to jpg, change extension to .amr and then convert to .wav/mp3. Could only find 1.02 version of clie convert program and throws error. My understanding is .pdb is "wrapper" around original file (wav), but can't figure it out. Tried to play through Treo line-out, but ringtones only play through speaker. Bummed - any suggestions?

    p.s. Want to be wow'ed? Drive down the road with Google maps in Sattelite mode with GPS on - too cool!! Also, tried Chapura SyncManager this morning - works perfect - crap Palm Transfer assistant didn't pull all contacts.
    Using my Pre to help run:

    Sharp Zaurus->HP Jornada->Sony Clie T615->Treo 650 (CDMA)->Treo 755p->Palm Pre (Disappointed) -> Iphone4 (Happy)
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    Would like this also. Anyone?
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    Found this old thread while searching. Did anyone ever come up with a way to convert the .pdb Palm ringtones to use on the Pre?
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    anyone? just got a new evo and i'm in the same boat.

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