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    So I got tired of the Pre acting weird when it came to syncing (or lack there of) between the phone and Google Calendar. My hypothesis to the problem was two-fold: 1) I had ported over calendar events going back to 2003 and then instructed the phone to sync those to Google (too many maybe for Google/Pre to handle); 2) Since I previously used Agendus, the majority of my contacts and calendar events were loaded with obscure notes used only by Agendus (and as reported, events containing more than characters A-Z may pose an issue).

    What I did: Deleted all events from my online Google Calendar (including deleting any secondary calendars and unsubscribed from all subscription calendars), deleted the Google account from the phone (for both calendar and contacts), then via device info I did a full reset of the phone and re ran the Data Transfer Assistant and went through the process of syncing to Google again. A step I didn't think about till after the fact (4-5 hours later) was that I should have used Palm Desktop to purge all events more than a year old. On the Pre, I manually deleted all events older than 7/1/08, and removed the Agendus comments in the notes section from any event/contact that contained them.
    Was this entire process necessary? I don't know. Maybe I could have simply purged anything older than a year without all the above but I wanted to make sure I started clean. The only real downside was the time I spent manually purging events, editing out the notes of the ones I was keeping, and having to remove about 120 duplicate contacts that got created when I re ran the Transfer Assistant.

    What this accomplished in the end: 1)my Pre and Google Calendar/Contacts now stay synced (maybe not instantly but within 15 minutes or when I manually sync); 2)my battery has not ran hot at all today; 3)my battery drain has slowed to a livable level. The 4th thing I'm noticing that I can only speculate is related is that my signal has not erratically bounced between 1 and 5 bars, and my data connection has not once switched to 1xRT.

    So there you have it, my $.02 on what fixed, or appears to have fixed, several reported problems with the Pre, including my Pre.

    Coincidence? I don't think so.

    EDIT: I'll have to test and verify #3 as I've had my phone on and off of the TouchStone today.
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    My Pre is still too new to me say anything about some of these issues, but I was definitely having problems with sync'ing to Google Calendar. I did basically what you did: deleted everything and started over and now everything's hunky dory. I too used Agendus Pro and had several year's worth of events, but I didn't use the DTA... I exported from Outlook to CSV and deleted the Agendus junk using Excel. I didn't load any past events... I'm turning over a new leaf. I think that's a good approach for anyone having Google sync issues.
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    No sync issues with google contacts but....i can not edit on my Pre. When I edit someone's info and tap done, within 1-2 seconds it reverts back to old format??

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