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    Let's use this thread to keep a tally of apps available in the Pre app catalog.

    Thanks to following members for contributing to this list: bubbatex

    1. Pandora
    2. Google Maps
    3. Sprint Navigation
    4. Classic - PalmOS Emulator
    5. Sprint TV
    6. Intuit GoPayments
    7. Spaz
    8. SplashID
    9. PocketMirror
    10. Missing Sync
    11. LikeMe Mobile
    12. Shortcovers
    13. Today Show
    14. WHERE
    15. Speed Brain
    16. CitySearch
    18. LinkedIn
    19. AccuWeather
    20. AP News
    21. Express stocks
    22. Fandango
    23. Connect 4
    24. Flixter
    25. GoodFood
    26. Sportin News Pro Baseball
    27. Infopedia
    28. mCraig
    30. Tweed
    31. NY Times
    32. Sudoku
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    I tried downloading "Classic" but I found this very limited in function. Does this app mean we can add our old Treo/Palm apps to make it work on our Pre? If so, how? Also, I tried entering a new file using Memo in "Classic" but was unable to actually enter any data in the Memo screen. Weird.
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    You forgot:
    Sporting News Pro Baseball
    NY Times

    Did you go to the app store at all?
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    Thanks, I updated the post to add these.

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