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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    The call duration patch has been available for some time. Just install via webOSQI or Preware.
    Yeah, I figured it out shortly after posting the last post, that's why I edited it. But I'm still missing some features. Perhaps you can give me a hint...

    Thanks anyway!
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    Sorry, I have sprint so everything is unlimited, tho it can be tracked through their website. My minutes aren't unlimited, but since they have gone to any mobile, I rarely use more than 200 minutes between my and my brothers phone out of a 1500 minute plan. We wouldn't use that many if his ex girlfiend, yes FIEND, didn't have his phone all the time.
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    I only got 100mins and 150 SMS each month form O2 Germany.

    It's not that much but as I get it for free I don't complain.

    It would be nice to have an eye on the used free minutes, though.
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    Have you tried Minstat?

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    Grrrrreat! Thanks for the tip with Minstat, have been searching this for months.
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