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    mine passed with wifi on and I had a black sleeve
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    Quote Originally Posted by temperamentalman View Post
    Friend of mine is a Sprint tech. He says all the Pre's are failing that test.
    Not true - mine works - wife's doesn't and her WIFI is fubar. It can't keep a signal to save it's life - while mine is full bar lock anywhere within 25 yards of my house in or out. A replacement has been ordered.

    My advocate at the Sprint Store said you have to make sure wifi is actually on before you run the test.
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    Levelbest - I tested what you said with my bad Pre (horriable batt life and got very hot) vs the replacement I picked up today. Your theory seemed to work. The first (bad Pre) failed w the error. The new on passes but i'm wondering if a "good" device will still pass when wifi is on if its not in range of a wifi network?

    Thanks for the post. Think you may be on to something (at least in my experience).
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    well, my 2nd pre.. it passes all the tests.. but it gets really hot after 5 min on the phone,. the entire phone just gets too warm to hold comfortably, so much my hands sweat. Going in for my 3rd pre..

    my wifes' phone is still awesome. left the house at 9am, and at 3pm she had 91% with a few emails and sms. not bad.. wish i could get that..
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    I'v got error code:20 modem ,now my pre is not work, call failed:network busy' awwalys said so.
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