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    Has anyone heard when the Pre will be available to buy online from Sprint? If possible I would rather get one online because the closest sprint store is about an hour away.
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    "...after launch". Who the hell knows how long that is, Usually, you and I would assume after day 1. But I'm going to say 1month after its initial release.
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    eBay...if you really want to spend the extra cash.
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    It's curious there has been no real significant news as to when they will be available online. It's amazing how many "Pre"-orders for the iPhone3G(s) there is, i think it's a supply thing, but i think sprint and Palm missed a prime chance to sell even more, or at least get "confirmed" pre-palm pre orders on the books.
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    I'm still waiting to buy online also. This is ridiculous, at least take pre-orders (no pun...)
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    I think they did exactly what they intended to do - prolonged the curiousity of the phone... people still want it and got to have it. The slower the let it out the more buzz it creates - just like the Wii... you couldnt get one of those for almost a year in stores unless you were waiting every morning the shipments came in or purchased it on eBay or Craigslist. Call up sprint customer service and *****... they will get you on a waiting list at a local store quickly!
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    I heard somewhere June 27th...
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