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    Im having a problem with e-mail *Don't think im complaining because im not, i love this phone and everything about it. Its better than any phone thats on the market right now imo. I LOVE the threaded messaging feature* I don't know anything about email - IMAP POP3 etc etc.... i don't even know what those stand for. I wanna hook up my msn account to my pre but it wont let me. I was able to set up my EAS account (its an account i have with my school) and the only reason i was able to set that account up was because on my school's website it tells you what to list as the domain and server and all the other necessary information. So the question is, how do i set up my hotmail account? It asks for incoming server and outgoing server and encryption and all that other stuff that i know no idea about. I'd rather ask people from precentral than to deal with sprint because......they are just too much (hassle). Another problem i am having is with sending email. whats the point of having a smartphone if you can't send email? For my email accounts i have yahoo and EAS set up and i can receive emails perfectly fine but when it comes to sending, it always say error sending. I think it may have something to do with the outgoing server preference that i have set up or something, but like i said, i don't know anything about that stuff. So please someone help me out and prevent me from walking into a sprint store.
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    Let me help where I can before this thread gets too far back and no one will answer it. From what The Goat understands, MSN is not available on the Pre yet, but should be coming soon. Also, you may not want to setup your hotmail just yet because it can cause a major battery drain from what people are saying. As far as the Yahoo... My best friend had the same problem and I still don't have a solution for him, hopefully someone else will pipe up who knows so that we can both get thi issue fixed. Also, thanks for posting a quality help thread without moaning.
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    Well just just tried to send out a message through my EAS account. That just worked fine. But now its just the yahoo account that i can't send out messages. WEIRD!!!
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    This won't help much but there is a rumor floating around that yahoo will be added to senergy with the next firmware update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltatko View Post
    This won't help much but there is a rumor floating around that yahoo will be added to senergy with the next firmware update.
    so are you saying that since yahoo cannot integrate with synergy (which i knew already), that is the reason why i cant send out messages? i think that i should still be able to send out messages with yahoo through my phone because its hooked up to my account and it gives me the option to, but it just won't work. but maybe you're right though.
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    I've sent messages out over Yahoo just fine - replies and new messages. Huh. That is strange.

    The only thing I had to do to set up my Yahoo account in the Email was to put in my email address and password. I have it set to deliver to my Pre as it arrives. I also have a GMail account set up on the Pre that is able to receive, reply, send new messages and forward w/o a hitch.

    Sorry that you're having these issues...I am perplexed.

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