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    Does anyone know how to setup IMAP for a Comcast email account on the Pre? I believe that IMAP is available from Comcast, because they have IMAP setup instructions for Outlook and Outlook Express. However, when I go into the setup or preferences of my Comcast email account on the Pre, I cannot change POP3 to IMAP.

    I realize that I could forward it to my Gmail account, but I want the syncronization functionality of IMAP for my Comcast account, and I don't see how forwarding the Inbox would work from my Pre back to my Comcast account.

    Anybody got any ideas?

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    I believe Comcast is only POP3. I have it and if I could use IMAP, I would.. lol
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    I don't think Comcast email does imap. It only does pop3.

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