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    Kind of. It's comparable to the iPhone. At least it should be (and is for me). So compared to other phones of similar functionality it should be ok. For the life of me I can't figure out what you people are doing (or what defect your Pre has) that is causing these insane problems.

    I went 16 hours on a single charge twice this week, and had 15% or so left when I plugged in. That's with 60-90 minutes of talking, some light use of GPS/Google Maps, live email notifications, some Pandora, and quite a bit of web surfing.

    Perhaps the battery manufacturer has a quality control problem, or perhaps there's some as yet undiscovered software glitch. You are running the latest OS update, correct? It corrected one AIM issue that was killing batteries.
    Pandora REALLY drains my battery FAST. Other than that I get good battery usage for the most part.

    My phone has locked up proababy 8 times in the week and half I have owned it. I have had to take the battery out twice to get it to work.
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    Lith ion should charge all the way up. Mine does w/no problem on the touchstone. Consider all the stuff your phone is doing in the background....gps, checking email, etc etc. I turned my email to "manual" since I don't need to get a reminder everytime a piece of junk mail comes in. Turn gps off unless you use it can always switch it on as needed. Lots of good advice on this forum. So far I think the phone is great although this battery thing does take some getting used to after the Treo, which I charged only a couple of times a week.
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