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    Well so far after counting up all the posts, it seems that battery life is the single biggest issue with the palm pre. I was thinking that if Seido (an aftermarket battery company ) can manufacture a battery for the pre that yeilds 17% gain in battery capacity them palm can do the same. I would hope to see palm include this type of battery in the 2nd production run of the pre.I would be a very wise business move. When the iphone came out apple was in a pickle because everyone complained about poor battery life and apple had a sealed case design where the user was stuck at OEM battery capacity. At least with the pre the user can upgrade with a simple battery swap.

    So if Palm is reading this, 1st see about a 2nd production run with a larger capacity battery. You can use all the stock batteries purchased for the pre for the centro phone production , so you wouldnt actually have any waste, and yes im looking for a job at palm, seriously......Marc M
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    Bigger battery would be nice
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    I'd be a scared man taking a job at a company who's future is still yet to be determined haha

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