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    I bought three Pre Phones. After getting home that night I find that one issues...

    - slider very loose and pops a plastic tab loose on left everytime you open/close it: requires us to snap it back together

    - mute button is near impossible to move

    So, I'm going back to sprint store this AM for an exchange and just wondering if others found themselves moved to the end of the line (our store has a waiting list I had to put myself on) OR do they go to the front of the line and get their Pre exchanged asap because they "have not received a working phone yet"
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    Sorry to say probaly not, as the reps are pretty much on commission and want sales, not returns.

    BUT look after yourself ,call them every morning ask if they any and go in ASAP if they do.
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    If you purchased at a corporate Sprint store, you should be able to get a replacement at any other corporate Sprint store if they have stock available... doesn't have to be the original point of purchase. That could possibly help you in your search.

    If you didn't purchase the phone at a corporate Sprint store, it will need to be returned to the original point of purchase. However, if you're able to find the Pre somewhere else within 30 days of your original purchase (i.e. no early termination fee), you should be able to do the following:

    1) buy the Pre at another store
    2) add it as a new line on your account so you get the new customer pricing
    3) If you want to keep your old phone number, call Sprint customer service to do an ESN swap... basically, you want to transfer the phone number from your broken Pre to your new Pre.
    4) return the broken Pre to your original store

    The only problem with this is that you'll be charged the $36 activation fee for the new line on your account. But if you call Sprint and explain what happened (needed a replacement Pre, short supply, so you bought the phone at another location as a replacement), they might be willing to credit the $36 activation fee to you. But worst case, you're out $36 if you can't wait for stock at your store.
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    was at Sprint store as soon as they opened (we only have one in our town, but it's pretty good size store).

    They were very nice, tried to tighten screws to fix it - didn't help.

    They were going to place one on order for me, but since they had one on shelf marked "do not sell, for warranty replacements" they gave me that one.

    They moved all my wife's contacts and profiles over. New phone is perfect, nice and tight... no messed up slider like the other one...

    Happy Customer...

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