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    just wondering who opened up a new account or line just for the pre...and are you gonna keep two lines or return it.

    As for me i have ATT and where i live sprint service (reception) is really bad...i really like to potential of the Pre but i cant stand bad reception...and i also cant stand that CDMA can use the internet and be on a call at the same time...
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    I switched from ATT to Sprint for the my area I can't complain about service.
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    You can request the Airwave device to put in your home to solve the bad reception. I had the same issue and clled the retention dept and they sent me one for free w/no monthy charge. It hooks to your DSL or Cable modem and acts as a cell tower in your home. Went from one bar to full service. Works great!!!
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    I switched. Paid the ETF with At&T to get the phone... well worth it
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    I added a line as well, but only so that I could experiment without losing my Free and Clear grandfathered plan. Now, once I decide if I am keeping my Pre or going back to my Treo Pro, I will close the line and move the Pre to the main line (if it's a keeper)...

    I feel bad for those who switched first and lost their plans and now don't like the Pre....
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    I opened a new line on my account ( family plan, Pre is on the fifth line ) so that I could get the full discount and rebate...I "rent" out a line to a friend for $30/month and that particular line is out of contract on the 6th of July so I am going to cancel that line, get a new # applied to my old line and move him to that.
    oh, and I also brought in two Rumors and an old Upstage for the Buy Back program and got $135 credit applied to my account, so I will end up paying $64 after rebate for my Pre.
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    thanks alvin, i just might have to look into that is plan was to check out the pre, play with it a bit then return it and wait for the GSM version...but im going back and fourth with deciding to do that...i really cant wait till next year for a gsm version...while all of you guys have all the
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    Reception hasn't treated me bad so far and as far as surfing and talking...well it's not like the iphone can multitask so all in all I didn't loose much.
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    yeah i know what you mean hchavarria, but if and when the pre can tether, that might be a problem...
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    I moved from AT&T much faster and better value.
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    My wife and I now are on a share plan with two Pre's, so I upgraded plan and bought two.
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    New Sprint customer - Bought into a family plan with a Pre for me and a Samsung something-or-other for my mother, to get her off her horrendous prepaid plan. I'm coming from T-mobile, so Sprint's service is a major upgrade for me. I'm accustomed to my apartment being a dead zone, but my Pre actually gets passable voice and data coverage there. Spotty on the 3g at home, but I haven't found a dead zone yet, and even in 1x mode, its still faster than my T-mobile unit on its best day.

    Sprint's service, the customer service at my local Sprint stores (top notch) and my adoration of my Pre decided my fate on the first day - Thirty-one days from now, I'll still be a Sprint customer.
    Palm III -> Palm M100 -> Palm VII -> Tmobile MDA (The 3 year mistake) -> Palm Pre

    Hello, Palm. Good to have you back. Let's just pretend that the whole "me leaving you for WinMo" thing never happened, OK?
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    I dropped my iPhone and AT&T for the Pre.
    Glad a I did too, for me I like the Pre better and the coverage around here is definitely better on Sprint.

    I can get 3-4 bars at my house now and on AT&T I would get maybe one or two, but could make a call anyway.. it would drop all the time.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I'm i chicago. I dropped att (iphone) for a new sprint pre phone. Reception is dramatically better. the iphone on att sucks as a phone. I could not use it at work and home.

    Now i get full bars at both places. not regretting the switch. However I wish i got better batterylife
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    I opened an account just to get the pre but I still have my old account. So far I've received 3 calls even though I didn't give out the new number. :P

    I work in an office building in dc. I get 3/3 bars on my vzw bb curve 1-2/5 bars on the pre.
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    i moved from att to sprint coverage in boston is good so can't complain pre ftw!
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    New line. I'm keeping my old # active on a cheap PAYG account until Google Voice becomes public.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hchavarria View Post
    Reception hasn't treated me bad so far and as far as surfing and talking...well it's not like the iphone can multitask so all in all I didn't loose much.
    The iphone can do what you described.. you can talk on the phone and run any other app.
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    Im still with ATT and the iPhone. Trying the Pre out for 30 days to see if I'll switch. I really like the phone, but it needs a lot of work to be as usable as the iphone.. it's just slow and clunky.

    Hoping there will be a software update out that will fix the issues and i can keep it!!
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    I left AT&T with 2 lines and switched.

    We were both using Treo 680s and paying about $250/month + taxes, however that said, there were always little add-ons. I felt nickel-&-dimed to death. Not to mention, I was charged for something I never had, called MY-Cast weather, every single month, and every month I had to call them and have it removed.

    Now we are paying $190. + taxes and I am assured by Sprint that there will be no add-ons. So I'm happy.

    Service is OK with Sprint, no worse than AT&T. I had one call fade but it was to AT&T so who knows on which end that happened, it was an epidemic with that carrier. Reception bars are not as strong, but I have not had voicemails appear with no call - something that happened a lot on AT&T.

    I LOVED my Treo, but it really is a dinosaur and starting to show its age (sticky buttons, etc). I LIKE the Pre alot, more each day as I learn more that I can do with it. It is super lightning fast on Wifi which I have at home and work. EVDO not so quick but still light years ahead of the Treo. The text application is a bit lacking, but I am confident it will fix up.

    I am glad I switched.
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