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    i tried searching and couldnt find anything helpful. i have bluetooth already in my car, does this mean i can play songs on my pre and my car would automatically start playing?
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    I'm not familiar with car bluetooth systems, but if you have the ability to have your car's bluetooth search for discoverable devices, I would try that and see if the car can recognize the Pre. If so, see what options your car's bluetooth has available for the Pre once it is recognized.

    Hope this helps!
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    You'll need to check if your car bluetooth supports the A2DP bluetooth profile. That's the profile that allows stereo audio to be played over bluetooth. the Pre definitely supports this profile, but if your car bluetooth doesn't, then you won't be able to play music over bluetooth. Some bluetooth units only support the HSP (headset profile) and HFP (handsfree profile), which allow phone calls to be handled over bluetooth, but not stereo audio.

    If your car supports bluetooth audio with other devices, you shouldn't have a problem with the Pre!

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