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    I have never had a phone with such an unevenly lit keyboard, tiny as it is. Am I the only one with bright white dots on my letters and a half gray and half white alphabet? It really detracts from the overall beauty of the Pre for me.
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    Oh great, you had to bring it up. I had the Pre since early saturday morning and never even noticed it.......Till now, thanks a bunch

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    You're not the only one, but I can't say it's ever bothered me, I still can see the letters enough to use it.
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    Hey I was in line at 7am too pal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    You're not the only one, but I can't say it's ever bothered me, I still can see the letters enough to use it.
    It's just one of those things that makes me wonder how the guy who looked over the prototypes didn't notice it too, and say back to the drawing board. Everybody does this right these days.
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    Wow, talk about anal! I can see it if I really look.
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    My Treo 680's kb was pretty uneven too. It's funny because I thought that was just how it was supposed to look.
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    It's more noticeable when the screen backlight is turned down (for battery saving). However, they could have done a better job on the design.

    I'm also concerned about the rubber keys getting worn/torn. I keep hitting them with my nail. YEARS AGO (long before Palm ever existed), I had a pocket rolodex organizer with similar rubber keys. After a few months they started tearing. I sure hope the Pre keyboard is durable.
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    The keyboard backlight is controlled by the same setting for the screen.

    When you turn the screen backlight all the way up the keyboard looks beautiful!

    Hopefully there is a separate LED light down there and we can get a separate setting for the keyboard light. It's pretty nitpicky but I agree the keyboard looks weirdly lit when the backlight is set lower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galavanter View Post
    Hey I was in line at 7am too pal.
    Want some cheese with your whine? I was in like at 8pm the night before. I said hi to the staff before they closed.

    Damn, I was tired around noon Saturday.

    Anyway, if you all are worried about the backlight draining the battery, get a touchstone for work and/or a charger for your car.
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    My only wish is a separate backlight control for the keys. with the screen brightness all the way down, the keys are very dim.

    as far as the unevenness. I don't mind. I've never had a phone with evenly lit keys anyway. hell, my PC is even worse (Saitek eclipse II keyboard)
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