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    I find it difficult to answer the phone when it rings in the keylock mode. Especially when I have it in my back pocket. Not very user friendly when compared to my old phone that was not a smartphone.

    Is there a short cut for simply answering your phone without having to unlock it?
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    What's hard about it? You just slide the onscreen button and talk. You don't have to enter your pin to start talking. You can even keep using you dialpad by hitting the touchscree button.
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    that's not a problem if you have it sitting on the desk in front of you. However, when you are out and have it in your pocket, it adds a extra step that should not be necessary. Try it.
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    Sliding it open answers the call (either that or i'm hitting answer with my thumb when i open it). (Sliding it open unlocks it without the drag the unlock icon).
    I assume your taking it out of your pocket to answer. If using the headset, pressing the button answers a call. I haven't tried these with a PIN lock if that's what you mean.
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    Thank you. If I understand correctly, I just slide open the keyboard and that automatically unlocks the phone and answers the call?
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    Yes. At least it does for me. Maybe its a bug. You can see the "unlock by sliding open" feature right now, just slide it open.
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    Yep, that works. Thank you again! Makes it a lot simpler to answer.
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    I was glad to help. Normally i just leach off everyone elses answers. How about hitting the thanks button for me. I want to see a "thanked 1 times".

    (boy am i lame)

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