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    After two weeks of use I'm surprised to see how poorly integrated some of the PIM apps are. Without some sort of agenda view then in order to check your calendar, tasks, weather or whatever then you need to launch the entire app. And whats the point of tasks and memo apps that link to nowhere? It's definitely a big shame if we have to start looking at 3rd party apps for this.

    It will get better so I know it's too early to judge them on this, but considering it's Palm then I don't think it's unfair to have high expectations on them in this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talkin73 View Post
    It's interesting how mixed opinions are.

    Does it seem that previous PalmOS handheld users appear to be the most disappointed with the Pre calendar app?

    Sounds like the Pre calendar may be a bit faster to use (less screen taps... huge nuisance on the iPhone) but doesn't really have much more in the way of features?

    I just went to Pimlico's website (Datebk developer) and noticed it sounds like he's working on a new application, Pimlical, which may have a Pre version in the future... anyone tried this app on Windows and have any feedback? The cross-platform part sounds nice but I notice it appears this has been "in the works" for quite awhile and still only offers a single platform (Windows) option at the present. Feedback?

    I have been using Pimlical on Windows for about 5 months and it is terrific. It syncs with Datebk6 on my Treo 755p thru the Palm Desktop. I am waiting to see if there will be a version for the Pre. CESD has already said it would not be the first mobile device he ports Pimlical to as others like Blackberry & iPhone have much higher sales volumes.

    The decision by Palm to depart from their core competency of PIM functionality has kept me from buying the Pre so far.
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    I'm a former Palm OS user (Treo 700p). The Pre is awesome, but I'll admit the Palm forgot their roots with the calendar app. This is what they did best. I really wish I could search the calendar. Palm will hopefully fix this eventually, but until then, I will have to sync my events to google and use my computer to search events if needed. As far as comparing to the iPhone, I think the missing search puts it on a level playing field in terms of functionality. The synergy is awesome for seperating out calendars (I don't want work knowing my personal stuff, but want to manage both from my palm). Add the search, and the Pre will be closer to the iPhone killer that it was purported to be.
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    For me, the Pre's calendar is frustratingly slow and doesn't give enough overview info but Synergy makes it worthwhile. The ability to work with multiple sources is the killer feature of the WebOS calendar. I'm hopeful that future updates will address some of it's current shortcomings.
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    I also have to say I was an iPhone user and I like the calendar on my Pre more than the Phone version.
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