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    Keysuite would be a great App to have. If that and Pocket Quicken were available I would dump PalmOS as soon as a GSM device became available.
    I agree. I sent an email to Chapura a few days ago about Keysuite for the Pre. All I got back was that they were hoping to add sync capabilities for tasks and memos in the future.

    Pimlical (Pimlico Software) may become available at some point for the Pre but with the SDK only available to a select few, it is hard to tell. I am surprised that Pimlico did not receive the SDK early as Datebk6 has been a very solid and popular app. BTW, Pimlical on the desktop rocks!
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    question for those smarter than me... of which i'm sure there are many!
    i finally got my Pre syncing with google - tho google calendar is new to me and if i was starting today i'd go with pocketmirror and outlook calendar - instead of google.
    will i have a problem switching over from google to outlook for my calendar? also i use outlook 02 - i don't see on the website if that's supported or not.
    any help/advice appreciated! thanks!
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