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    Holding the Pre in your left hand, hold your left thumb on the area below the screen and to the left of the button. Then simultaneously press "c" to copy or "v" to paste.
    Holding the phone in your right hand and using your right thumb in the right gesture area works just as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikewilson623 View Post
    Thank you. You do indeed hold your finger on the gesture area and then press the appropriate letter. x,c,v
    Also note that "a" will select all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pattycerts View Post
    Just to be sure- there's no way to select text and copy it from the web browser? You can only do this with editable text?
    You can actually do this. You can only select full paragraphs though. Just hold down the "shift" key (the one with the Up Arrow on it) and tap the paragraph or sentence you want to copy on a web page. Works like a charm.

    If I only wanted one small part of the paragraph I'll go ahead and paste it in a sticky note and edit out what I don't want from there.
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