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    You screwed up in adding the album art to your music file tags. Save the album art to the file tag, not an album folder which would require you to drop the picture file onto the device. My album art does not show up in my images app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuinnessX View Post
    The Pre does recognize m3u playlists--it just doesn't seem to support subfolders called from within playlists. I moved all of my mp3s out of their subfolders into the main "music" folder on the Pre, and then created one big playlist for all of the songs.

    It's a little crude and clumsy... but it works, and now I don't have to fumble around with my Pre every time I get to the end of an album. This will hold me over until Palm updates the native player.
    Tell me how you got your m3u playlists to work. Lets say I have 30 songs on my pre. I have a playlist called "favorite songs" that has 14 songs. There is no way for me to just play those 14 songs. "favorite songs" does not show up in the playlist area of the music player.
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    podcast support and better scrobbing and im set
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    There's so much more missing from the media's my biggest complaint about this device. If there's one thing that will get me to take it back and get a 32gig iPhone, it's the awfulness of the music player.

    --only syncs properly with iTunes. WTF? I don't use iTunes, that's why I bought a pre! I need this thing to work with Mediamonkey or even WMP.
    --no way to rate tracks. I like to rate tracks that I want to delete later with 1 star, ideal for plowing through things like the South X Southwest music promo that comes out every year as 3 gigs of mp3s, 90% of which aren't my bag and 10% of which are awesome. Even better would be 2-touch deletion of a track!
    --no way to make playlists on the fly. I can't believe they missed this!
    --none of the really great features I have on my Creative Zen, like "Album of the Day" and "View all tracks by this artist," etc.

    Also, I am a long-time subscriber to Rhapsody and I'm really bummed that this doesn't work with protected WMA files. Granted it's a linux-based system, but still--couldn't they at least have built a streaming Rhapsody app?

    And yes, having to push the power button, drag up, and then tap past any alerts just to change tracks is really &*#(! annoying...would love to see the center button put to better use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ejaculatio Precox View Post
    Does the Pre have gapless playback?

    No, it doesn't, and that really sucks on certain albums. Sucks a lot. Like others, I'm sticking with my old iPod for music playback, other than the Pandora feature, which is cool.
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    the music player on this phone is really bad they should have copied more from the iphone
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    Summary: Normsoft, the makers of Pocket Tunes, is interested in ideas and feedback on mp3 player functionality for the Palm Pre.

    support at


    I emailed the ptunes support people and asked them what the prospects were for Pocket Tunes for the Pre. The response was:

    "As you likely know already, currently Pocket Tunes does not support the Pre operating system, WebOS. We are always considering other operating systems but we have a company policy not to make public those plans. So I can't say if we would have a version for the Pre, in the future, or not, sorry. But we are taking note of the requests so thank you for letting us know your interest in a Pre version of Pocket Tunes.

    We have heard from others that they do not like the Pre player but they haven't said what they are missing that Pocket Tunes provides. So if you have a moment to let us know a little more about what is missing for you in the Pre Player, that would be very helpful."

    I sent them as many ideas as I could come up with, based on things people had said in the forum. The response from the support person was:

    "Wow, thank you for the very detailed list of suggestions for a Pre player! I'm going to send this on to our development team to make sure they consider these ideas. Our policy is not to talk publicly about upcoming products, but your feedback is greatly appreciated."

    So if you have any additional ideas you want Normsoft to know about, fire them off to support at and maybe we'll get a highly functional mp3 player out of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kabobkicker View Post
    My biggest gripe with it is that the max volume on the headphones is way too low.
    same here, compared to an iphone/ipod touch/ipod, there is no comparison in max volume. Even on windows mobile u could load the and crank it. i like my music ridiculously loud for when im in the gym
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    Am I missing something when people talk about Album mode?

    I find it perpetually frustrating that the Pre seems to enforce that I listen to anything other than songs shuffled, since album view defaults to shuffle, too. Why is there no way to just play an album or playlist when you pull it up? One of my favorite features of my iPod was the ability to “Shuffle by Album” or, in other words, play all songs arranged by album.

    If you use iTunes to load your Pre, you have a backwards way of playing by album by choosing to play from the playlists loaded on your machine, but it’s not necessarily intuitive.
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    I like the Pre's clean playback. Though I seriously think it needs a bass boost. I've tried different headphones & earphones and compared it with an iPod and a Sony mp3 player - the Pre had the weakest Bass IMO.
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    y havent yall used mucis player remix???
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    Quote Originally Posted by abhinandanjain View Post
    I like the Pre's clean playback. Though I seriously think it needs a bass boost. I've tried different headphones & earphones and compared it with an iPod and a Sony mp3 player - the Pre had the weakest Bass IMO.
    This is my personal opinion of course, but to my ears it seems like most other mp3 players have the bass artificially boosted and the Pre sounds very balanced. This could have to do with my choices in headphones though since nobody is going to accuse Shure SE530s or Denon D2000s of lacking bass.

    When listening to Pandora in my Honda Civic with its terrible factory speakers, the Pre does sound pretty flat and lifeless.

    It would be nice to have an eq to tune the sound to your liking. I really enjoyed that on my Sony Walkman mp3 player until I lost it
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