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    Hey Guys, I have several questions and I would really appreciate some help.

    1: How do I set ring tones for messaging? I want to set a specific ring tones for when I receive a text.

    2: I want to turn off the flash for the camera, how do I do that?

    3: How do I get new wallpaper? For instance I'd like to get a wallpaper off the web, how can I set an image from the web as my wallpaper?

    4: I cannot find where to set alarms

    5: How do I change my main screen? Like I want the clock to be bigger on the whole screen and the date to be included, stuff like that. How would I do that?

    I really really appreciate if anyone answered my questions, I am sure I will have more for now
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    1) I don't think you can at this point

    2) Tap the flash button in the lower right in the camera app. Toggles on, off or auto.

    3) Transfer it, or email it, from your computer, go into the picture Hit the button at the top (looks like a box with an curved arrow coming out) and select to set it as your background.

    4) In the clock app (need to be on 1.02)

    5) I don't think you can
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