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    This is annoying. I have to remove myself from the To: field every time I reply all, which I do very often. It seems like this was something that was overlooked, unless one of you have a solution for this. Not a dealbreaker or anything, but this is a very simple function.
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    That's what "Reply All" does. It sends a reply to ALL of the e-mail address involved in the message. This is the case with gmail and even outlook.
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    Apple's does not do this.
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    Nor does Thunderbird. Notifylink, which I have to use on my BB 8830 for my work e-mail, does this and it doesn't allow you to edit the reply to field. Drives me crazy.
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    All of the windows mobile phones I have used have done it as well. This would definitely considered a "feature" and not something wrong with the phone or OS. Some like it, some don't.

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