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    When I look at my calendar I typically if not nearly all the time am doing so to see stuff scheduled in the following days or even weeks and hardly ever for the current day. Is it possible to default to month view or better yet an agenda view like I had on blackberry?

    Is there a good way to write in work schedule so it appears different than facebook and google calendar items? Right now in moth view everything has the same color but I have very few facebook calendar items that I am not sure if ilm noticing anything odd. Ilm thinking I may have to go with an old palmOS app in classic that tracks work schedule if I don't have a good option in calendar.
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    Not sure if you are using Google Calendar but I have added another calendar or two (all of which syncs up with the Pre) and allows me to change the color of the events I add to each calendar. So I have a "personal" calendar that is blue, "work" that is red.... When you have those sync'd to your Pre you can select that calendar and change the color.
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    I'm trying out the suggestion though I'm not fond of the fact that it doesn't accordion the time like it does for free time so my work shifts take up the whole screen and doesn't need to all I need to see is the start time and end time with a colored space accordioned like the free time. I really need to be able to see my whole day at a glance on the screen rather than scroll to see everything. Also need color coding in month view when viewing all.
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    Same question... Is it possible to default to month view???

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