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    After I read an email it seems to just disappear. I have my email set to show all emails, but they are gone. I want to fix this issue, because I really like the pre and do not want to go back to a BB. Anyone have any suggestions on this.
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    I am having the same problem. Is it user error or incorrect setup? Any ideas?
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    Check your email settings on your PC (or other device)... you may have it to delete after downloading... What could be happening is that your PC is downloading from the server and upon syncing - the email is removed from the pre. I had this going on with my gmail account... I just changed the setting to manual delete.

    Other than that, my POP email is behaving like my my BB.
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    If you are using outlook you need to set it up to leave a copy on server and you can how many days. Also if you delete it from Yahoo, Gmail, etc.. It will delete on your Pre.
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    How long your email stays is dependent on your server settings. I.e. I have Yahoo and set my settings to hold the email on the server for 5 days and then delete. It gives me time to make sure everything is downloaded into Outlook. Those emails are deleted from my Pre as they are deleted in Yahoo.

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