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    Anyone else getting an error when trying to play back video?
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    Two out of three MP4 movies I've tried have given an error. Just tried both on my iTouch and they played fine there. Haven't done any trouble shooting beyond that.

    Does anyone know of a bug or if "drag and drop" is not the way to load mp4 files?
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    The problem occurs if your video is encoded at a resolution greater than 480x320 - neither of those resolution boundaries may be exceeded. As long as your video is within BOTH 480 pixels and 320 pixels, and encoded in H.263 or H.264, you shouldn't have any problems with playback.
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    I would just like a phone to be able to play whatever I drop onto it. If I have to spend hours trying to encode videos to put on my Pre, I'd rather just watch it on youtube. At least it should allow playback of videos with bigger resolutions.
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    Agreed, it would be nice if it supported downsampling. However, with Handbrake, meGUI, or Badaboom (if you have an nVidia 8-series+ GPU), most encoding now happens pretty quickly - I can re-encode my entire South Park collection of seasons 1-10 in native H.264 with AAC audio in under 2 hours* - which wouldn't even be able to fit on the device. Though I do agree, it would be nice not to need a second copy of your video "library." Then again, it does give you the opportunity to maximize image quality vs. bitrate for the device, which is always a plus. In addition, downsampling is CPU-intensive - which would worsen the battery life considerably.

    I'm hoping this will be resolved in future update.

    *using my GTX280 and 8800GT GPUs, and the Q6600 CPU all going at once. Slightly convoluted, but fast!
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    So I'm trying to play a video file with video dimensions of 320x240, bit rate 127 kbps (total bit rate 1185 kbps) and it's an MPEG-4 file. I thought mp4 was compatible but maybe not?

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