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    Are you able to use your hotmail account normally or thru G- mail as suggested earlier??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADGrant View Post
    I am finding this thread amusing given all the fanboy abuse the AT&T network and iPhone have been receiving in this forum.
    The iPhone is a different issue, but there is no question that in many cases the AT&T network is way better than sprints, if only because of the 850 MHz vs 1900 MHz difference.

    There is a reason why Sprint is a 2nd tier carrier!
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    Okay so I just got a chance to read all of your responses right now...

    I turned off the data roaming today and it was at 20% after about 13 hours of decent usage. I was as work where there is wifi, poor signal, and on top of poor signal, the phone is in my pocket half the time... I have hotmail and everything else on as I stated in the original post. My conclusion is data roaming... When I get a chance this weekend i'm going to turn it back on and make sure that this was the answer and I'll let you guys know...

    Thanks for all the feedback though!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesm View Post
    Exactly. You are running into exactly the problem I am talking about. Go complain to Sprint how their network sucks compared to AT&T and VZ and they'll send you an airave for free, with no monthly charge. That will help a lot with battery life, even if you make no phone calls.
    Okay just glanced at that airave thing. Is it basically a tower in your house?? And I have to pay another $5 bucks a month to run it? What do I say when I call them to get it for free?? is there some magical saying or verbal abuse that should be thrown in because that could be both fun and... well nvm just plain fun lol!
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