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    I don't know if this was addressed or not, I couldn't find the thread. But is anyone else having their battery getting extremely hot while using, or while charging and using? Or just period?
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    This was a pretty "hot" issue a few days ago (sorry, couldn't resist).

    It seems that the major causes have been:
    1) Hotmail - there seems to be a bug that causes severe battery drain when syncing to Hotmail. Probably gets stuck in a loop or something. Don't connect to Hotmail. If you need to, just forward Hotmail to a GMail account and use that. You can set your default reply e-mail to your Hotmail account if you wish in "Settings".

    2) Really bad reception areas where the Pre is jumping back and forth between Sprint's network and roaming.

    3) GTalk-AIM bug. Don't stay signed into chat.

    All these also drain the battery at a rapid rate - especially the Hotmail bug.

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