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    I've had a chat log going for a day with my wife all SMS and 1 MMS. I deleted the entire chat log and had been texting some other friends and I also deleted there logs. My friend texted me and it was no problem, normal new sms chat came up. Everything was normal. Then my wife texted me and oddly enough the entire chat log was still there from before, even though I had deleted it. I when back to the main Conversations window and the chat log with friend is displayed BUT the chat log with my wife is not listed anywhere, but if I type her name to search through the chat logs hers shows up!

    If this is too long to read here is a summary:
    1. SMS + 1 MMS to wife
    2. SMS to friend
    3. Deleted both chat logs
    4. Friends sends SMS it shows up as a new normal sms (no history displayed) in the conversations list
    5. Wife sends SMS, the chat the history is displayed from our deleted log + new text and she's not listed in the conversation list.
    6. I have to do a search in the conversations page for my wifes name, and then the chat log is then displayed.

    Has anyone else experienced this? If I can make the description any more clear let me know.
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    i did the other day kinda

    did something like clicked the gf's aim from the buddies list then in the conversation switched it to text then deleted that conversation and when i clicked to text her from contacts there was still a conversation... or something like that i don't remember.
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    Mine is doin the exact same thing!! I posted a thread on it before but noone answered, I even tried deleting all sms one by one and resettin the phone, but for one friend it will not reappear. Think its a bug?
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    Yeah it's a bug. Hmm, so did you have the issue occur when you sent a MMS + SMS? Or was it just random?
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    I opened a thread on the support forums

    You can add to it here:

    Hidden Text Messages? - webOS Software - Palm Support Forums
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    it happened to me too! i deleted my gf's complete contact and re-entered it and it started working another thing i did right before that was add a speed dial for her name... i called palm and got my issue brought to a L2 (level 2) and should get back to me "when the problems fixed" wat ever that means! but delete the contact and re-enter it and it will work!

    let me know if that helps!
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    Hmm, I didn't add anyone to speed dial. Thanks for the advice though, hopefully it will help someone else.
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    any fix for this? i had a huge amount of open conversations which made my SMS app really laggy when scrolling, i deleted about 90% of them, and all was ok. now when i get a txt/IM, it doesn't show up in the list of conversations...
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    Wait, the message that doesnt show up, is the contact name "Babe"?
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    This happened to my Pre after I installed update 1.1.

    Try a Partial Erase, it hasen't happened since.

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