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    sluggish is right. my mogul was a slug when transitioning constantly from landscape and portrait..also that phone was a bit of a lemon.
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    I wouldn't have gotten the Pre if it had no physical keyboard.

    The Pre replaced my Centro. Before that, I had dumbphones but also Palm organizers (beginning with the Palm Pilot model and having gone through several other models through the years), so I did use Graffiti back in the day. I appreciate keyboards much more and can type on them faster than I can write with a pen on paper or using Graffiti.

    I can type on a phone's physical keyboard faster than I could type on a virtual one. But I'm a touch-typer, so maybe hunt'n'peckers like virtual keyboards better? I don't know.

    I am liking the Pre keyboard more than the Centro one. I like the changes they made to it, like with the comma, although I'm still getting used to it and sometimes press the wrong key, like hitting shift before hitting the comma key so ending up with _ on my screen. I'll get used to it soon enough, though.
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    Hmmm starting to see many complaints regarding the slider pour in. Starting to once again question the whole slider thing.
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    I wouldn't have bought it without a physical keyboard. I wasn't sure about the "vertical" alignment though, since I knew I'd be rotating the screen a lot (never an option on the old Treo units). It is taking some getting used to, but I think they made the best of the possible options.

    I'm hoping for a virtual keyboard to be developed as well.
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