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    The Pre would probably never have made as big an impression on me if it hadn't had a physical keyboard. I've been using a touchscreen dumb phone for the last year or so, and I'm really fed up with virtual keyboards.
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    Physical keyboard.

    If I wanted a virtual keyboard, I would have bought a different phone than the Pre.
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    To be brutally honest, if I didn't need a physical keyboard, I'd still be using my 3g iphone or upgrading to a 3GS.

    Physical keyboard was the major selling point for me.
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    I'm far faster with less mistakes on the Pre's keyboard than I am on my iPod Touch's keyboard and leagues better than on my touch diamond. I think they still need to get a virtual one just incase on the Pre though.

    However, more than that, I love the fact that when I'm typing I have my ENTIRE screen still to look at where as with a virtual keyboard the screen is shrunk massively, which I hate.

    I also don't mind landscape keyboards, but I think the portrait is better for the Pre which is primarily a portrait landscape phone it seems. It also was a bit annoying with a PPC-6700 to constantly be turning it. Also was almost impossible for one handed typing which I can do with the Pre.

    My least favorite are dedicated boards with the small screen above it like blackberry's or what's rumored for the Eos.

    If the Pre didn't have the physical keyboard I'd likely not have it.
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    Yep. Physical keyboard is important for me. I like it better than the iPhone's soft keyboard.
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    the slide out portrait keyboard was THE biggest thing that drew me to the phone at first. i love that it makes the phone easier to use as a phone by making it longer yet collapse down to the size of a view
    I've used peoples iphones (they ask me to jailbreak them) and hated the virtual keyboard. also the long the phone the easier it will bend in half, (when you crash while mtn biking). and i love that it is as thick as my blackberry pearl. THAT phone was %100 crash proof, compared to my dash that died 3 times (mostly screen) before it was dead for good.
    I find the keyboard a little easier to type on than my pearl was. It would be nice if it was a littler larger but this is the ONLY phone of this form factor out there. ive waited 1 1/2 years for a phone like this and its finally here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wprater View Post
    they should try them. virtual keyboards are going to be the way of the future as they are dynamic and intelligent; save space and weight. Im trying to get used to this hardware keyboard, but it's a lot slower for me than the iphone virtual keyboard.
    Have tried them. a lot, actually.

    I wouldn't have bought the phone if it was a virtual keyboard.
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    they should try them. virtual keyboards are going to be the way of the future as they are dynamic and intelligent; save space and weight. Im trying to get used to this hardware keyboard, but it's a lot slower for me than the iphone virtual keyboard.
    Adding in smart logic to typing has nothing to do with a virtual or physical keyboard. That logic that the iphone has for typing fill could be added easily to the WebOs by them or a 3rd party. There is no way your outright single finger typing speed is faster on glass than two thumbs with real keys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence View Post
    physical keyboard is definitely a selling point. also, landscape slide-outs are impossible to use one-handed.

    If the pre utilized the center button as a trackball like the blackberry, then i think it'd be perfect! as it is, the center button is kind of useless and a waste of space.
    i totally agree! i really miss the one handed navigation through text and apps and lists. if that button were a trackball, and the keys were even the size of a treo 650, i'd be extremely happy.

    coming from a landscape keyboard, the pre brings me back to one handed text entry and i really like that aspect of this phone.

    the only on screen keyboard that has ever worked for me was the cooltek touchpal on windows mobile, 15 keys with text correction & prediction.
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    Its the main reason I bought the Pre, I don't like side slide out keyboards and this was the perfect disiging.
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    I was one of those "must have a physical keyboard" people before I got the Pre. Now that I have it, I am finding the slider so irritating and the ergonomics of the keyboard so poor that I'm questioning its usefulness on this particular device. I am pretty much on the verge of returning it and either going back to my 755p or going to the Treo Pro.

    P.S. Just to be clear, the ergonomics that irritate me are not related to the layout of the keyboard itself -- more related to the discomfort of holding the device in the "slid out" position.
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    The keyboard was a BIG selling point for me. Coming from a virtual keyboard that I constantly had to correct typing errors on, it's heavenly to type a message and know it's mistake free, so yes, the real keyboard was a 'must' for me.
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    I absolutely loved the Centro keyboard - my texting exploded 1000% using it! I actually liked it BECAUSE it's small and there is little "travel" between the keys that you have on bigger keyboards. That said, I do use my nails, not my fingertips...which explains why I never liked my iTouch's virtual keyboard.

    So I definitely like the Pre keyboard though I do consider it a pain to have to actually slide it open to use it....too much time with the Centro, I suppose.
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    The physical keyboard was an absolute must for me. I do a lot of emailing from my device, and a physical keyboard was a godsend on my old Tmobile MDA (HTC Wizard clone). The size of the keyboard on the Pre came with an additional perk - when I need to, I can easily type on it one handed. I'm quick with a physical keyboard, and slightly slower with the old PalmOS graffiti from my Palm III/M100 days. The iPhone's virtual keyboard was completely unusable for me. I could not type with any semblance of quickness in portrait or landscape, without hitting multiple keys with each tap - and the system always registering the wrong key.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zhackwyatt View Post
    What do you guys think about a keyboard that slides out in landscape mode? Similiar to the G1.
    I switched to the Pre from an HTC Mogul (landscape slider). Although the keys are smaller, it actually makes it possible (even comfortable/natural) to type with one thumb instead of the practically required two thumbs on the landscape slider. This is the most ergonomical mobile keyboard I have used. And I'm on the same page as another poster who said that many people will not use a virtual keyboard. I already know my way around the Pre's keyboard without having to look at it, a virtual keyboard doesn't have any 'landmarks' on it, so you pretty much always have to look at where your fingers are going... and even then you will hit multiple letters or the sensor on the screen can be slightly displaced from where you actually touch it so the phone will register the wrong letter.
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    I could type just about the same on either my iPod Touch or Treo 755p so I would've gotten it with either physical or virtual keyboards. Main advantages for a physical keyboard for me is response and being able to touch type. Sometimes virtual keyboards lag or have no response. This especially happens on the iPod Touch when I'm on big websites. I can actually type decently without looking at the keys on my 755p but that's pretty much impossible on the iPod Touch.

    Also on the note about it being slider, it was definitely necessary. It's what allowed the Pre to have a decent size screen (would've loved 3.5" though) and yet keep it compact. I actually prefer portrait keyboard because 90% of the time the phone is portrait anyways. Plus it's more manageable with one hand.
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    The thing that first got me excited about the phone was the slide-out keyboard. It kind of made the phone a cross between an iphone and a blackberry-type device. You had the big, beautiful touchscreen, along with the nice physical keyboard.

    In my opinion, anything Palm included in their device that differentiated it from the iPhone was a good idea, otherwise it would be treated like just another iPhone clone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NINnerd View Post
    The entire reason I never bought an iPhone was because there was no physical keyboard. Period. Otherwise, I would probably have gotten one years ago. And I've tried to use it on my friend's iPhone. Just no luck. Took me forever to type anything out.
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    I am not the biggest fan of the slider, but it's okay. After having the Treo 650 and 755p I am used to the keyboard being right there, but I am getting used to it. It would be nice to have the option of an onscreen keyboard too! Yes, I know, greedy!
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    I tried to use the virtual keyboard with the instinct and it was truly awful. The Iphone's wasn't much better. I am much more productive with a physical keyboard. I'm getting comfortable with the pre's, it gets friendlier each day I use it.
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