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    Has anyone else noticed that the wifi signal strength isnt necessarily great. I am pretty close to my router and my pre only says I have one bar of strength. Upstairs I have none. My iPhone has 3 bars at both locations. Any tricks or ideas? I have tried resetting the device without any improvement. Thanks in advance
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    Where can I find the mac address of my Pre? I currently have my router locked down.
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    Device Info > More Info > Listed under phone / Wi-Fi
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    Mine seems to work okay. I've been at a clients location in a server closet and still showed okay signal. I do wish there was a way to see what the actual signal strength is.
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    Awesome! Thanks! I'll ad it to my Wi-Fi now and test.
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    Thanks. I am curious what people find. I was surprised that I didnt have signal upstairs - but I do have an apple router and an iphone that I am comparing it to. I dont know if that has something to do with it
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    I get poor wifi signal as well. At least according to the 'bars' it's showing me despite being very close to my router.
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    I get GREAT signal with my DIR-655.
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    You can crank up the default power by using DD-WRT or Tomato firmwares.
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    Well, I am sitting three feet away from my router. I decided to switch the wifi on since my battery just plummetted from 57 percent to 25 percent in 20 minutes. I'm *not* using any applications. The phone is totally NOT in use at all. I have all of the better battery settings like GPS/Wifi off.

    So, I am assuming this is a signal issue. But, I don't have this issue in my office very often. So, I just switched on the wifi and now the signal indicator bars are bouncing all over the place. Three feet from the router.

    Any ideas? In the time it took me to post this the battery dropped to 24 percent.
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    How are you checking the signal strength? Doesn't the bars display show the strength of the cellular connection regardless of whether there is wifi?

    My phone is currently showing 1 bar but I get very good transfer rates here by my router and using very little power.
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    I actually get full WiFi signal in my room upstairs where as my computer in the same room is at 50-60% i dont get it lol
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    Are you guys looking at the cell signal bars thinking that in WiFi mode they are WiFi bars? Those are for your cell signal, not WiFi. Switch off the cell (Airplane Mode) and then put WiFi on and you'll see - no signal bars.

    That being said, WiFi on my Pre is great. I don't have any problems in large houses and even outside of them! It was great being able to sit by the pool and surf (the Internet, that is; it isn't a wave pool!). The networks are Wireless-N (backwards-compatible, of course).
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    Wifi on mine is great as well... I get great distance with a linksys router.
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    My wifi as shown on the pre is no different than what my laptop shows for the different areas of the house. Seems to have great reception.
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    I have no issues with getting a signal from my crappy linksys router. I would also say it has about the same reception as my laptop.
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    yea. . linksys is very crappy .. mine always gives me problems... but the wifi signal is pretty good for my phone.
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    After I got my new Pre replacement finally my wifi works correctly.

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