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    All my faxes come to my email as TIFF files [I can't change this]

    What are my options for viewing? Pre does not support them

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    I have the same need. Thx.
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    I have the same issue w/ faxes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaktheking View Post
    I have the same issue w/ faxes.
    I would love to find/pay for an app to open .tif files.
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    if you can get them into google docs, you can view them through the Pre's browser. Sprint sent me a couple of refund notices in tiff format and I saved them to googledocs... Playing around one day on the Pre, I recall having it load on my screen. Hopefully docs2Go will have that support.
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    Have there been any new solutions made for this? My faxes come as .TIF also.
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    I posted this over a year ago and have been looking since. Still haven't found anything. Glad I wasn't holding my breath...
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    I decided that converting them to PDF on my lappy then copying them over was the best way. Too bad there's no .tif viewer!

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