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    I called and talked to Sprint about my signal problem. I ever so nicely said I was aware of Sprint supplying an Airave to people with my issue. No go. He pretty much said go to a Sprint store to get one.

    I don't believe for a second that a Sprint store will give me one. Do I just need to get the right person on the phone?
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    i called and asked for account services, spoke with a representative and said that i had just switched from verizon and was getting horrible service in my house and it was making me consider going back to them.
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    I spoke with them last week about it and they first told me they were told to stop giving them to anyone anymore. Too many request. I then called technical support and they couldnt fix my signal issue. BUT he said they can send me a Airrave BUT I will have to pay monthly. Just a free Airrave. I said no thanks. I then got a call from a Customer Service rep who called me becasue I ws a Premier Memeber and asked me what was the problem. The call dropped LOL, He called back and dropped again. He then said Hold on and said we will give you a Airrave and free service to 2 years . I then said OK. He admitted they were only giving them to new customers who can cancel in 30 days to keep them. That makes sense. If you have a contract you have no power.I had none. If I leave I pay a $200 fee so I was stuck but the phone dropping on him twice made he do me a favor.
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    I'll give it a try. Thanks
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    I called them back a little less then a year ago (talked to acount services/ retentions) and told them i had bad service in my area. They sent me a free one with free service
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    Ask for retentions. Just be carefull, they may call your bluff. If they know you still have 1 year left on a 2 year contract OR you just signed a new 2 year deal to get the PRE they dont have to play ball as easy. Airaves are pretty cost effective for them. ALso dont want to pester them too much . I remember last year they were cancelling contracts of folks who called too much or something like that. Ofcourse you got a legitimate issue with reception.

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